What is Sex Coaching?

Sex Coaching is not the same for everyone. I’ve developed my own style of sex coaching over the past 18 years by listening carefully to each clients issues and then focusing in on exactly what they need, want and desire.  Through the years of coaching thousands of people, I have come to find the exact techniques that work and solve the mysteries of sexual bliss.

Using my unique “no bullshit approach” and giving you the hard facts and smart advice, you will get results in half the time than you would with traditional Psychotherapy. Sex Coaching is more progressive, mindful and daring than contemporary therapy. For example, my clients say they can’t wait until the next session, often laugh and have fun in sessions, and say the experience is educational and highly informative.

Sex Therapy

Focus is on present
Goal Oriented
Spontaneous, Experiential
Interactive, Transparent
Playful, Exciting
After session immediate results

Traditional/Analytical Psychotherapy

Focus is on past
Process Oriented
The past is the aim
Therapist is a blank slate, Client is projecting
Boring, Uneventful
After session down and blue

Why Work with Alison?

Alison’s Sex Coaching Packages are by far the very best in Sex Therapy and Coaching you will ever experience. With over 18 years of experience, Alison knows exactly how to tailor your own package and will customize your experience to meet your individual needs. Each package will contain an Introductory Session followed by online homework and discussion, a needs assessment and evaluative plan, Online Tutorials, and Breakthrough Session. Book Your Complimentary Session Now

Proven Track Record of results

A greater sense of ease, happiness, and emotional freedom in your sexual life.
Complete certainty that you are getting exactly what you want and what you need.
Understanding your intimate relationships and deciding what is best suited for your lifestyle.
Better sex (more connectedness, more satisfying sexual play)
Tools to help you find a partner that is perfectly compatible with you.
The ability to fully move on (or in) with your ex and tools to make that assessment
Greater self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love.

Who is Sex Coaching good for?

Sex Coaching is good for literally anyone and everyone who desires a more pleasurable sex life or is looking for specific answers to burning hot questions. Alison’s clientele has included CEO’s, Startup Founders, Engineers, Accountants, Singers/Song -Writers, Stay at home Mom’s, Bankers, Students and really anyone who is willing to find out how their sex life can soar.

Here are some questions you may ask yourself:
Are you ready to experience a whole new level of romantic and sexual freedom?
Do you want to feel more authentically aligned in your life and love life?
Do you want to get over an ex, once and for all?
Do you want to identify the blind spots that are preventing you from achieving your full potential in your love life? Are you tired of being single?

All of these and much more are questions you could be asking yourself. The good news is you don’t have to have these alone. Alison is here to help! Book your complimentary session now.