Last week I was asked to come to Los Angeles to film a new sex-ed teaching course for men and I wanted to talk a little bit about it. It focused on sex tips and advice for men who desire a closer connection with themselves so they can increase their sexual confidence and learn these tips from top sexperts in the field. Because there is little research on this topic in today’s world (post 2000), I firmly believe any education that helps a man with his body, mind and spirit, are noteworthy and should peak the interest of men across all ages and ethnicities. In particular however, this educational video series focused exactly on the areas for which I have worked extensively so it was a great pleasure to be able to answer any questions relating to the topic of ED (Erectile Dysfunction), Men’s Sexual Confidence, etc. To add more pleasure to the work, I was able to connect with some of my favorite and most well known Porn Stars, Marcus London, Tommy Gunn, Riley Reed, and Adriana Chechik.

The most interesting thing I learned in retrospect was that there is no one way only to understand sexual confidence. After working with over 25,000 people on solutions plus listening and interviewing the top porn stars of today, I have found that studying and using a multi-faceted approach to sexual education is best when applying all of the art and science behind it. In this particular instance, we had the best of the best answering the top sex educational questions and the solutions were given on the spot, in that very moment so to give the listener the most real and genuine answers without any editing or acting involved.

A man’s connection with his penis is a much bigger deal than most women understand. If you compare it, women are self conscious about how fat they look and feel while in bed and men often feel the same way about how big or stiff their penis is while in bed.This has been a topic of concern for thousands of men over decades of time. This film, or educational video was so timely because in 2017 there are so many men who 1) can’t perform in bed, 2) still have trouble getting or keeping it up and 3) who don’t know where to go for answers.

Furthermore, by learning from multiple channels, one can refine themselves sexually if they take an integrated approach. What this experience showed me was that the perfect education may be a combination of sex experts opinions and advice AND Porn Stars advice and experience. In other words, if a man listens and watches only porn to learn how to be “better” in bed, he will fail. He will see what to do perhaps, but he won’t actually understand from the actors point of view. If he learns only from watching and never practicing, he will also fail. How can he understand what they are doing without going home and masturbating? At best, if a man watches, listens, practices and learns all of these tips from not only one source, but multiple sources that are actually SINCERE, GENUINE, and as evidence proves, RESULTS oriented, he may not only increase his self confidence but he will know that his education is 100% authentic and has come only from the most pristine of sources.

So, I’m glad you stopped by to hear a bit about my sex advice experience. I would highly recommend coming back to this site when it is produced so you can understand how worthy this content will be for you. In the meantime, I’ll keep you updated on the latest sex information and news and continue to share helpful tips and advice for anyone who is really committed to not just dreaming about having a better sex life but who wants to actually MAKE that sex life a reality.