Alison Leigh, Ph.D, MFT, Sex Expert and Christina Carter, Porn Star/Actress


 3 Day Men’s Exclusive Workshop on “The Art of Kissing”.

Christina Carter, known as the “Wonder Woman” of Porn, and Alison Leigh, Ph.D, MFT, Sex Expert are a team of experts who combine their knowledge giving men the BEST advice and instruction in the business.


The two will be teaching the ART of KISSING and lead the men in several experiential exercises throughout the 3 days. To make sure each person gets a chance to learn up close, we are choosing to keep this group of men limited to 7 men so we can create an intimate learning experience.

When: Friday, Feb 23rd, Sat, Feb 24th and Sunday, Feb 25th by invitation only.

Where: Las Vegas, Destination will be sent to the men whom are selected to attend.

Why this is unique:
This 3- Day Event is a one of kind workshop because men will be able to have ALL ACCESS to these 2 leading sex experts. How often does that happen? Select men will learn the art of the kiss as well as be able to try these techniques with instructors IN PERSON.

What you will get:
Men will get the best of both worlds; a full educational curriculum filled with real life results and REAL TIME experience with one of the world’s TOP PORN STARS: Christina Carter and America’s Top Sex Expert: Alison Leigh.

Details: This workshop is set to be purposely small, intimate and exclusive. If you are interested, please fill out the application on the appropriate page. Once we select the group, you will be notified and then details to the event will be sent to your private email. If you apply and we can’t have you this first time, we promise you will be at the top of our list for the next one.

During the event, we will be broadcasting LIVE so you can see it online. Please follow the link below for more information.

We can’t wait to show you how to kiss…and tell!

xoxox Alison & Christina

Alison Leigh:
Christina Carter: