Men’s Sexual Performance

Get Hard. Stay Hard.©

Men’s Performance Packages are a sure way to get what you want. Some men want to improve their stamina and last longer and others want feel strong and rock hard so they can truly experience the greatest amount of sexual bliss. Through weekly coaching sessions and online homework, you will learn to reduce your anxiety through mindfulness techniques and focus your attention precisely on the areas of your body you want to develop fully. Through the use of Guided Imagery and (PBCT) Positive Body Coaching Techniques, you will break through limiting beliefs and  be able to overcome psychological barriers with ease.
Get Hard. Stay Hard.©

Steamy Sam

This package shows you how to get yourself ready to pleasure your partner and empowers you to take that first step to success!

Raiser Roy

This package shows you how to get yourself to the next level. Whether you are looking to boost your self-esteem, climb up the ladder, or move yourself up in rank, this package is designed to show you how you can easily navigate and master this dominant domain.


Steady Eddie

Now that you are becoming the man you always knew you could, you want to STAY there. This package shows you how to STAY confident, sexy, and natural as you glide through the terrain without any worry. After learning these skills, your confidence will grow so strong you will be able to handle anything that comes your way and stay that way.

Steamy Sam

(Heating It Up)
3-Month Coaching Program (90 Days)
  • 3 (40 min) Skype Coaching Calls
  • 1 (10) Question Sexual Gratification Assessment
  • 3 Sensual Pleasure Homework Assignments
  • 3 Lesson Plan Follow Up
  • 1 (30 min) Breakthrough Session
  • 4 (3 Point) email exchanges in between sessions
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Raiser Roy

(Getting It Up)
6-Month Coaching Program (180 Days)
  • 6 (45 min ) Skype Coaching Calls
  • 1 (25 Question) Sexual Gratification Assessment
  • 6 Sensual Pleasure Homework Assignments
  • 6 Lesson Plan Follow Up
  • 1 (60 min) Breakthrough Session
  • 6 (5 Point) email exchanges in between sessions
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Steady Eddie

(Keeping It Up)
12-Month Coaching Program (360 Days)
  • 10 (50 min) Skype Coaching Calls
  • 1 ( 7 Point ) Sexual Gratification Assessment
  • 9 Sensual Pleasure Homework Assignments
  • 9 Lesson Plan Follow Up
  • 1 (75 min) Breakthrough Session
  • 8 ( 7 Point ) email exchanges in between sessions
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Do You Have Any Questions?

Men have a CHOICE when it comes to their performance in bed. Although men don’t think they have control over getting hard they actually do have control. They just haven’t been taught how to use it. Alison takes this fear of not performing out of the equation so you can feel more confident than ever before as you watch yourself be the man you always knew you could be!
How do I qualify for this program?

Alison has carefully curated each package to meet the specific needs of her male clients. Every single skill that you will learn has been specifically crafted to make sure you are set up for success. All of these skills have been tested out by her clients and have received rave reviews. Based on thousands of clients thus far, Alison has zoned in and cherry picked *only* the skills that work.

If you really want to be a great lover in bed, this program is for you!  If you’ve lost confidence in your body’s ability to be hard and stay hard, this program is definitely for you! If you are ready to take control of yourself and your “package”, this is most definitely for you.
Additionally, the following requirements need to be met:|
1) You are ready to finally find an answer to your burning question, “How can I get and stay hard?”
2 You are willing to go the extra step to make sure you understand and comprehend exactly what Alison is teaching you.Some of these precious skills will require homework and you are willing, able and happy to take the time to complete them.
3) You are sick of wasting time and have exhausted all of your options and are counting on learning an entirely new skill set that works.
4) You are in good health and your hormonal levels (Testosterone) has either been checked by a Doctor or you already have information leading to the conclusion that this is not Biological but Psychological in nature.
5) You understand that although Alison is a Psychotherapist, this program does not fall under her status as a Licensed MFT. Instead, you realize that this program that has been developed is one of educational content and falls under the category of “Coaching” and not Psychotherapy.

How long will this take?
The amount of time you spend with Alison varies depending upon which package you choose. You might want to receive coaching for 3 or 6 months, or 12. Depending on your motivation, you’ll want to choose. Some clients like to have a shorter time frame in which to work thus resulting in faster results. Or, clients choose to take their time, enjoy the process and not rush which would mean choosing the year long program. It’s entirely up to you. If you have any questions about this, you may always contact Alison via email: askalisonleigh or on the contact page.
What are sessions like?
Each time you meet with Alison, the format will be the same. Whether you are meeting in person or during a Skype session, you will be able to speak with Alison directly face to face. A typical session last between 45-60 minutes depending on which package you choose. For more information on each package and a specific description, please go here.
How can I schedule a session?
Alison offers a complimentary 10 minute consultation via phone so you can ask more questions if need be. If you want to book a time with Alison, you can go here.
Men’s Packages
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