Alison Leigh on Wooist

Part 3: How to own it!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to have the best chance to have a relationship with someone long-term.
  • How to start owning it as a man.
  • How do you want  to feel in the presence of this person?
  • Why you should learn to feel.
  • If you can be then you do not have to do.
  • Why you should not be jealous of someone but why you can be envious of that person.
  • Why you should not be going after qualities of your future love.
  • Why you want to fill your own needs but assessing how you feel yourself.
  • Why you shouldn’t buy into what your head tells you and its imagination.
  • Why you must keep coming back to yourself.
  • Why no one makes you feel anything.

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